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About Us


The Company

Aquamarine Exotic Farm has been designed in every way to best serve you, the hobbyist. Our goal is to provide a unique experience where customers are exposed to trend setting innovations, cutting edge technology, Top Shelf merchandise and rare and colorful pest-free livestock at an fair price. We promise you the best and most personal customer service possible!

Coral Conditioning

Aquamarine Exotic Farm is a premiere Aquatic Mega-Store. At Aquamarine we pride ourselves on bringing hobbyist the highest quality products available. With the largest selection of Freshwater fish, Aquatic Plants, Saltwater fish and coral in Kuwait we are committed to offering everything you could dream of for your aquarium.

From healthy livestock, to water filtration and quarantine processes, we make it a point to ensure that every item that leaves our store represents the highest of standards. By providing top shelf service, quality products, and competitive pricing, our goal is to help you create your own unique piece of the ocean. Visit our showroom today and experience the difference.

All Our Stock Offerings

Every fish, plant or coral we offer is always What You See Is What You Get. This allows us to show you, the customer, exactly what you are purchasing. It is important to us that our pictures accurately represent coloration and sizing. In order to achieve this, we photo under whiter/true lighting to best capture the true coloration of each piece.

Expert Packing

We strive to have the best packing in the industry. Many people think this is as simple as using high quality packing materials, which is very important in itself. However, we take it many steps further by testing our packing materials, water levels and other variables.

Doing this costs us significantly more, but it gives our customers the best possible item and the highest chance at success.

Personal Selection

We support only the most ethical and professional wholesalers and industry suppliers when we buy our items. All items are expertly hand-picked in person or from exact pictures. This allows us to offer our customers only the very best items.

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