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Protogen Infusoria 20 ml - 30110

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For effortless nutrition of fish fry with live infusories (infusion animals) such as ciliates, paramecia and euglena. Protogen is a concentrate of dried infusories of various sizes grown on nutrient medium, which revive and develop in the shortest possible time in connection with aquarium water and the nutrient medium contained in Protogen. Protogen infusories do not need to be fed, but a new approach should be taken every 3-4 days. The best way to recognise the presence of infusories when feeding the brood is when it collects around the dripping point. If the approach is correct, the infusories can only be seen at 25-50 times magnification. If the protogen is set too high, the presence can be seen by forming a epidermis on day 3. If there is chlorine or medication residues in the preparation water, no infusories can occur.

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