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Nano Lux LED -80880

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• LED light for fresh water aquaria up to approx. 80 l

• Balanced mixed light promotes healthy and strong plant growth

• Ensures animals have brilliant colours

• Ideal colour temperature of 5,100 Kelvin

• Promotes photosynthesis of plants

• With dimmer to adjust the brightness to the respective aquarium needs

• Optional blue moonlight to simulate near-natural course of light

• RGBW for an extra long life of up to 50,000 hours 

• Up to 50 % more energy efficient than conventional aquarium lights

• Safe operating voltage of 24 V for extra safety


Dupla Nano Lux LED 18W Freshwater 24V The Nano Lux LED light is the ideal light for the Dupla Cube 80 or all other similar sized fresh water aquaria. The balanced mixed light not only ensures the animals have brilliant colours, but particularly promotes healthy, strong plant growth. The colour temperature (5,100 Kelvin) and the well-balanced spectrum also promotes photosynthesis of plants. The included dimmer allows adapting the LED to the specific light requirements of the aquarium. In addition, the dimmer can be used to add a blue moonlight to produce a near-natural lighting change. So you can even watch aquarium inhabitants at night. The optimal heat management ensures an extremely long LED life of up to 50,000 operating hours.

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