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Frog & Tadpole - 1.2 oz (34g)

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  • Made with whole, fresh seafood sourced from sustainable Alaskan fisheries
  • Formulated with the appropriate levels of Vitamin A, D3 and Calcium which are critical for healthy development and help to prevent disease in amphibians
  • Natural pigments in salmon skins enhance vibrant colors while omega -3 and -6 support a strong immune systems
  • Low fiber aids in proper digestion and since the formula is meal-free it won’t cloud your water
  • Sinking pellets are a perfect diet for your frog or tadpole


Omega One Frog & Tadpole Sinking Pellets Food contains an abundance of fresh, natural fats that are critical for amphibian growth and energy. With fewer starches and carbohydrates, these pellets also provide the ideal low-fiber diet and promote proper digestion.

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