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KH keeper Plus

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  • KH meter with smart technology set to transform the automated control of Alkalinity in the Marine Aquarium Industry
  • KH Keeper measures samples of water direct from the aquarium to test Alkalinity
  • Measurements can be programmed to be taken up to 24 times per day
  • High quality components and precise control algorithms provide accuracy readings of +/- 0.01 dKh
  • The unique visual LED indicator displays a different colour to signify the KH status in the aquarium at-a-glance. Blue: testing, Green: safe range, Red: out of safe range
  • Reagent mix ratio: 1.0L reagent / 9.0L RO water


he All New Reef Factory KH Keeper Plus comes with a full size PH Probe and provides more space for setup and calibration over the standard KH Keeper model.

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