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Reef Pulsar SPS-8

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Available -

  1. SPS-8
  2. LPS-6
  • Full spectrum, reef-capable lighting with unique aspherical optics offers even colour blending.
  • Whisper-quiet, thermally controlled and IP55 splashproof fans.
  • Uses the latest Osram LEDs to ensure stable quality and maximum light output with eight individually adjustable channels.
  • Built-in bluetooth, for easy control and programming via the app.
  • Multiple lights can be paired and synchronize with the app.
  • Suitable for glass thicknesses of 8mm +
  • Not suitable for mounting in aquarium hoods


The latest LED lighting technology for your Small Polyp Stony Corals & Clams Slim Design & Ultra High Output for Optimal Lighting Environment. The SPS-8 offers higher level of control (8 channels) and higher PAR levels with the inclusion of more warm whites and red to mimic the light on the shallow reefs of the tropics.

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