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Dupla Marin - Magnesium Liquid -

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Provides all invertebrates with vital magnesium. Optimises the relation of the concentrations of Ca and Mg and enhances skeleton-building of corals. Supports the growth of haptophytes. Enriched with vital hydrogen carbonates. Suitable for dosing pumps. Contains 100,000 mg Mg. The main elements magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca) and hydrogen carbonates (HCO3) have a decisive impact on the water stability (pH-value, alkalinity / carbon hardness) in the reef aquarium. Magnesium is involved in many biological functions and is embedded with calcium in the skeletons of several corals, many invertebrates, coralline red algae and higher algae. Magnesium liquid supplements the magnesium consumption in the reef aquarium and helps to keep the main elements‘ concentration ratio in the correct ion balance. Magnesium has the important function of acting as a calcification inhibitor by preventing the formation of calcite and so increasing the calcium carbonate solubility.

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