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Rowa - Phos

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Product Weight Freshwater Aquarium Saltwater Aquarium
Rowa Phos 100ml 100g Treats 800 litres Treats 400 litres
Rowa Phos 250ml 250g Treats 2000 litres Treats 1000 litres
Rowa Phos 500ml 500g Treats 4000 litres Treats 2000 litres
Rowa Phos 1 litre 1.1kg Treats 8000 litres Treats 4000 litres


The Very Best Phosphate Remover Remove phosphates from your aquarium with patented, man-made ferric hydroxide from RowaPhos. Phosphate removal in a reef aquarium is important because nuisance algae is fed by phosphates. This algae can overrun if phosphate are not controlled, spoiling the aesthetics of the beautiful aquarium. Additionally, high phosphate levels can reduce the growth of corals and even have an impact on coloration. * Premium phosphate-removing chemical filter media for aquariums * Binds phosphate without releasing it back into aquarium water * Effectively lowers phosphate levels in fresh or saltwater aquariums The ultimate phosphate removal media for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Originally developed in Germany to treat water supply mains, this unique and patented ferric hydroxide media is chemically engineered for efficient removal of phosphate, arsenic, and silicate. Rowaphos binds aquarium pollutants and does not release phosphate back into the water even when exhausted. Increased concentration of the aquarium pollutant phosphate can contribute to unwanted conditions including aggressive nuisance algae growth and inhibition of calcification in such marine organisms as calcareous algae and hard corals. Use Rowaphos to effectively remove phosphate and improve aquarium water quality. The binding (adsorption) capacity of Rowaphos is approximately 25 grams phosphate per kilogram of media.

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